Have you a plan for when telecoms fail?

Are you 'always contactable', for your customers and clients?

  • Have you considered the impact of being without normal communications for a few hours or maybe even a few days?
  • Do you know exactly what the contractual time is to "respond" or to "fix" any fault on your vital communication links are?
  • Do you have the highest level of support on the line which supports your Broadband for instance?
  • Who would you call if your lines went down?
  • Have you a dedicated point of contact, someone who know you and is responsible for all aspects of your business including fault management?
  • Do you have their name, direct number, email address and will thay answer your call 24/7?
  • Are you aware of the scope of any "emergency divert" you have available on your lines? Most are a simple divert to a single number such as a mobile. Who would apply this?
  • In the event of either your Phone System or your building being out of use, do you have a voice business continuity plan?

    These are the aspects and areas of telecoms which Always Contactable specialise in, ensuring our customers are prepared for any incident and being available to activate and manage the impact for them.