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Dictionary defines Contactable as:
"able to be communicated with, especially by phone or email"

We bring over 35 years of telecom industry experience to your business critical telecommunications, backed up with personal service 24/7 and not a call center in sight

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We do so much more than you might think or see above the waterline

We use the latest technologies to provide and enhance personal service not to replace it. No call centers here.

Above the waterline you see just another telecom company.

But unless you talk to us you won't be aware of why we ARE different.

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Tailored communications solutions

We help businesses using the latest complex technologies to provide them simple effective solutions in a way they can understand.

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Services and Solutions

We provide our customers with simple to use, fit for purpose, effective and robust solutions to the telecommunications requirements.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony

Xelion is fast becoming the most demanded cloud telephony platform.

Not only is Xelion a full-fledged telephony platform, but it also offers very extensive functions for any business in any sector from 1 to 200 users. These include call recording (MiFID II compliant) voicemail to email, automated attendant, call queueing, database integration and all features available on a desk phone, pc softphone and mobile device via our mobile app.

Internet Connectivity

Broadband, Fibre to Cabinet, G-Fast, Internet Leased lines and Mobile Broadband.

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Services and Solutions


Vodafone O2 and EE. We can combine network connections on same contract and can move users between networks within contract at no penalty. We monitor all usage 24/7 ensuring no unexpected excess charges and can respond rapidly to lost or stolen devices preventing misuse.

Telephone Networks

SIP Lines

SIP telephone line provision, migration and management. ISDN (digital lines) are being withdrawn and now is the time all businesses should be planning how to replace these.

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Always Contactable, Always ready

We’re here, we’re open and we’re ready to make a difference. Our ethos is to work quickly, honestly and effectively. To empower, monitor, support and delight, our customers, 24/7, and without a call center in sight.

John Allan
Tel: 01224 531999